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First Aid Kit


Alpha First-Aid LLC is a first aid and safety company.

A few years ago, a construction worker got a harmful chemical in their eye.  Unfortunately, their company never purchased an eyewash station because the contract price was still being negotiated.  Without the proper equipment, the worker became permanently blind.  

Upon hearing this unfortunate story, a first responder vowed to create his own safety company and remove contracts on all emergency items.  This company would treat customers like family instead of a number on spreadsheet.  They would sell the highest quality items that were made in the USA, whenever possible.  They would have no hidden fees or charges on their invoices.  The company would be called Alpha First-Aid.

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*Alpha First-Aid joined the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce in 2020. 

*Alpha First-Aid received 5th place in the 2021 CCBC Center for Business Innovation contest

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