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First Aid Kit


Alpha First-Aid LLC is a first aid and safety company.

One day a construction worker got a chemical in their eye.  Their company never purchased an eyewash station  because the service contract was still being negotiated.  The worker became permanently blind.  

Upon hearing this unfortunate story, a first responder vowed to create his own safety company and remove contracts on all emergency items, just so companies can become safer as quickly as possible.  And Alpha First-Aid was born.

At Alpha First-Aid we treat customers like family, instead of a number on a spreadsheet.

Because we are veteran owned and operated, we get things done quickly and prefer to sell products made in the USA, instead of China.

We put people above profit.  According to corporate America, we are doing everything “wrong”... and we love it. 

Join us in the Alpha revolution, and work with people that truly value your business. 

Thank you for visiting with us.  Please ask us a question.  We would love to help you.

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